Alfred Barham (1812 – ?)

An uncertain fate

Alfred was the third and youngest surviving son of James Barham, Painter, Plumber and Glazier and his wife Mary 

Alfred Barham was born on 4th October 1812 and christened at Swanscombe on 1st November that year. He was 8 years old when his mother died and so he was under the care of his father and Elizabeth Hazelton for the later years of his childhood.

There appears to be no trace of him in the 1841 census (or of his younger sister, Susannah),but he must have been close at hand as he was the informant on the death certificate of his father in 1846. In addition under the terms of his father's will he had a key role to play in continuing the business for the benefit of Elizabeth and her young children.

Despite all this there is no further trace of him.  Susannah, who was joint executor of their father's will, does reappear as described in the account of her life, but Alfred disappears completely.  There is no record of him in subsequent censuses, or of his marriage or death.  One can only speculate on his fate.