Frederick George Barham (1837 - 1915)

Plumber and Glazier

Frederick George was born on 14th August 1837 and was the first member of the family who can be identified by a birth certificate as civil registration had been introduced earlier that year.  This gives the name of both his parents, plus the occupation of his father and the maiden name of his mother. It clearly shows his mother's name as Elizabeth Barham and her maiden name as Hazelton, though as we know his parents were not married.  Frederick's second name, George, may well have been in memory of their son George, who had died in 1836.

Three years later the 1841 census shows the family, (James, Elizabeth and seven children) living in Greenhithe.  Five years later however James died his will directed that the youngest children and their mother should be provided for by the continuation of the plumbing/glazing/painting busines by his half-brother Alfred.  This appeared not to happen however as in 1851 the eldest brother Charles was in charge and there was no sign of Alfred.

In 1851 (age 14) he was listed as an “errand boy”, living with his mother and brothers, and 1861, although still living in Greenhithe, he had now married.  His wife’s name was Sarah Garland, and she was born in Weymouth – a connection that will appear again a generation later. His occupation is described here as “Plummer and decorator”, and they had one child at the time – Frederick William born in 1861.

The 1871 census shows that they had moved to Crown Street, Crayford,  By now Frederick William had died (1864), but they had 4 further children, Elizabeth (1864), Ernest (1866), Sarah (1868) and Charles (1870).  Frederick was described as a “plumber and glazier”.

By 1881 the family had left Crayford and Frederick was no longer in the building trades.  They had moved to Northampton, where he was working as a “commission agent”.  Elizabeth was not living with them, but they now had two further children, Florence (1874) and Richard (1881).

  • Frederick George BARHAM
    b 1837

  • m
  • Sarah Sophia Oak
    b 1841
family connector
  • Elizabeth

    b 1864
  • Ernest Frank
    b 1866
  • Sarah Louisa
    b 1868
  • Charles Oak
    b 1870
  • Florence Kathleen
    b 1871
  • Alfred Thomas
    b 1874 Crayford
  • Frederick George
    b 1878
  • Richard Henry
    b 1881

In the 1891 census there is no trace of Frederick, but Sarah had moved to Croydon, where she was described as “widowed”, and living with two of her children. This suggestion that Frederick had died was not borne out by the1901 census which shows Frederick being very much alive, and also living in Croydon, as a lodger, and working as a self-employed “signwriter and glazier”. Sarah was also still alive, living elsewhere in Croydon, but she did this time give her status as married.  So Frederick and Sarah had presumably separated at some time between 1881 and 1891.

The 1911 census records Frederick as an old age pensioner (retired house painter) living at 61, Strathmore Road, Croydon. This census records that he had 11 children born alive, 4 of which had died. This suggests that in addition to the 8 listed above (one of whom is known to have died) that there were 3 others who probably died in infancy.  Sarah must still be alive at this time, as Frederick is described as "married, living apart". However she has yet to be located on this census.

Frederick died in 1915 at the age of 78. He was survived by his older sister, Emma who ived to the age of 84, dying in 1916.  His wife Sarah also survived him, dying in 1925 at the age of 90.