Charles Hazelton Barham (1828 - 1908)

Plumber and Master Decorater

Early Life

Charles' was born on 9th July 1828, the second son of James Barham and Elizabeth Hazelton. This is description of what we know of his early life.  For other aspects of his life see the following links:


Charles was born on 9th July 1828 and baptised on 16th August. The name Hazelton does not appear in the parish register, implying that his parents were married   We know however that they were not and in his later life Charles always gave Hazelton as his second name on official documents e.g. birth and marriage certificates.

He had an older sister, Elizabeth  and brother George who would have been 4 and 2 when Charles was born. It is also likely that some of his half siblings, in particular Alfred and Susannah, who would have been 16 and 14, would also probably have been living with them.


By 1836 when Charles was 8, a brother,  Richard, and two sisters, Emma and Louisa had been added to the family.  However tragedy struck that year as George died having been drowned in the Thames,  leaving  Charles as Elizabeth and James' eldest son. The final two brothers, Frederick and Thomas, were born in 1838 and 1840.

1841 Census

The 1841 census gives us a snapshot of the family living in Greenhithe.

James Barham, 55 Male Painter
Elizabeth Barham 46 Female  
Elizabeth Barham 17 Female  
Charles Barham 12 Male  
Richard Barham 11 Male  
Emma Barham 8 Female  
Louisa Barham 6 Female  
Frederick Barham 3 Male  
Thomas Barham 1 Male  

The census has much less detail than later ones, but it does show that all Charles' half siblings had left home and with one exception are to be found living nearby - James and Mary Ann in Sutton-at Hone, William in Greenhithe itself and Susannnah in Swanscombe. The exception is Alfred, although it is almost certain that he was living nearby as five years later it is he who is the informant on his father's death certificate.

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